Magento 2 WhatsApp Share


Magefever WhatsApp share allows visitors to share products with their WhatsApp contact.


In the era of social media, WhatsApp is the most popular and first choice of everyone. WhatsApp is a useful tool to promote business now because of its popularity.

Magefever has launched WhatsApp Share Extension for the Magento 2 which will allow visitors to share products to WhatsApp contacts & groups. Configuration of WhatsApp Share provides total control to the admin for sharing options.

Key Features:

  • Enable WhatsApp Share on every product listing page like New Products on Home Page, Category Product Listing Page, Related Product Listing, etc.

  • The Admin can decide the scope of WhatsApp Sharing.

    A) Global Scope → Global Scope will allow WhatsApp Share on every listing & product pages, whether WhatsApp Share enables on that category / Product or Not.

    B) Category Scope → It will allow WhatsApp Share on particular categories. The admin just needs to enable the WhatsApp share on specific categories.

    C) Product Scope → It will allow WhatsApp share on listing & the product page for those products which are allowed to share on WhatsApp by the Admin.

  • The admin can display the Icon or Image as a WhatsApp Share button.

  • The admin can write a suitable message to share along with the product to attract customers. The admin has control over sharing options like the admin can decide to whether Product Name, Product, Description, Product Price allows to share on WhatsApp or Not.

  • The Admin can allow sharing Deal on WhatsApp.

    A) The special Price option will add a message of the special along with product share on WhatsApp if that product has a special price.

    B) The discount message, simply adds the text along with product share on WhatsApp.
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